Commercial Plumbing Services in Frederick County

Drain Cleaning, Installation, and More by Griffith Plumbing

Griffith Plumbing offers a variety of commercial plumbing services in Frederick County. Our commercial plumbing technicians have years of experience unique to their field of expertise. We treat all of our commercial clients with respect, efficiency, and professionalism. Whether you require preventative maintenance or are building a new property, we’re here for you. We’ll work one-on-one to draw up plans to guarantee your commercial building’s plumbing success. It’s vital to your operations to make sure your plumbing operates optimally and up-to-code. Our commercial services include:

New Construction Plumbing

As builders and property managers, you know plumbing is an integral part of the construction progress. You need a professional team that specializes in commercial plumbing installations. The team at Griffith Plumbing has years of experience and an impressive resume to prove we’re Frederick County’s preferred plumbers. We offer our clients affordable perfection in our construction services. Each department in our company dedicates its craft to a certain portion of plumbing. Our new construction plumbing division starts at the ground-level and helps install commercial plumbing along with you as your construct the building. You gain a level of trust and quality from us, unparalleled by other teams.

Remodel Plumbing

If you’re looking to remodel your office space or commercial property, our design and remodel team is here to help you. We specialize in updating well pump systems, water treatment, septic systems, and full plumbing systems. We have years of experience servicing all types of remodels and look forward to helping you next. It’s important to make sure you have a high-quality plumbing team involved during your commercial renovations.

Commercial Drain Cleaning

If your office toilets and sinks are backing up, or worse, overflowing, you need a fast and efficient commercial plumber. Don’t let shoddy plumbing shut your operations down. Our team can help you with clogged kitchen sinks, garbage disposal repair, slow draining sinks, water cooler repair, eyewash stations, and more. At the first sign of a slow-draining sink, give us a call for quick service. Slow drains only lead to more severe problems if left untreated. While we’re on your property, we work diligently while respecting your space. We understand the meaning of discreetness while fixing your plumbing while your office or commercial space stays operational.

Retrofit Plumbing

Is it finally time to replace your old, antiquated plumbing system in your commercial building? We’re happy to handle your retrofitting project, no matter the size. When you need to update your equipment, it can be frustrating and confusing figuring out what you need. Instead, leave it to us. We’ll help improve your outdated equipment to improve energy efficiency. New plumbing systems are a wise investment to save both the environment and your budget!

Property Management

Griffith Plumbing offers all-in-one property management solutions for commercial businesses. We can help you reduce the hassle of working with multiple contractors and juggling dates, information, and payments. Our program helps you manage well pump systems, water treatment, septic systems, and plumbing trades. Each of our departments has specialized technicians who are experts in their craft.