Hot Water Heaters

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Hot Water Heater Repair, Replacement, and Installation in Frederick & Washington County & surrounding Areas

No one wants to take a cold shower or wash their dishes in cold water, so hot water is extremely important. But just like any other appliances or plumbing in your home or business, hot water heaters can fail. The average lifespan of an electric hot water heater is 10 years. Often the heating elements will burn out during this time span.

Sometimes a hot water heater repair is as simple as replacing those heating elements. Other times the age of the water heater or the condition it’s in will warrant a full water heater replacement. Either way, contact our experienced water heater plumbers for service today at Griffith Plumbing in Frederick & Washington Counties.  We provide hot water heater repairs, water heater replacements, and water heater installations in the Maryland and Virginia areas so you don’t have to go without hot water.

Types of Water Heaters

At Griffith Plumbing, we have extensive experience with all types of hot water heaters. We are licensed in Maryland and Virginia providing repairs, replacement, and installation of your Hot Water Heater. Our trucks carry the required parts to repair most hot water heaters. And our skilled local plumbers are ready anytime to fix any type of water heater, including:

  • Gas water heaters: Gas water heaters typically use less energy than electric water heaters and are built with a storage tank. Storage tank water heaters are the most common type of water heater, functioning by heating water preemptively and storing it in a large tank until it is needed.
  • Electric water heaters: Electric hot water heaters store water in a variety of tank sizes and use heating elements to heat the water. Electric water heaters are typically slightly cheaper than gas water heaters when installed, but they can wind up using more energy than gas water heaters.
  • Commercial water heaters: The amount of heating capacity or tank capacity required for a home varies significantly from what’s needed for a business or commercial application. Commercial water heaters come with a wide range of components but are unified in being larger and more powerful than residential water heaters.

Water Heater Repair and Installation

There are a wide range of factors that can contribute to your water heater failing, including age, heating elements faltering and how hard the water is in your home. If you have hard water in your home, it may impact the performance of your hot water heater.  As your hot water heater ages, calcium and magnesium accumulate on the elements and sides of the tank.  Over time this buildup will cause serious issues and affect the performance of your hot water heater. Hard water is so damaging to water heaters because minerals precipitate quicker and in higher volume under higher temperatures.

Whatever the cause of your water heater woes, our experienced local plumbers at Griffith Plumbing are here to help. We provide emergency hot water heater repair services so you aren’t stuck without hot water for days. We’ll always discuss the needed repair with you and go over your options so you can decide for yourself whether it makes sense to repair your old unit or go with a new water heater replacement or installation.

And if your old water heater is doing fine but you’re interested in upgrading to a more energy-efficient, cost-effective model, our experienced plumbers are happy to talk about the pros and cons of electric water heaters, gas water heaters, and more.

If you need a water heater replacement, Griffith Plumbing will provide you with a variety of options and help you select a hot water heater to suit your home’s needs. Contact us today by calling (301) 797-4533 to learn more!