Sewage Ejector and Grinder Pumps

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Similar to a sump pump, sewage ejector pumps don’t like to run dry. If it is running when there is no water in the ejector pit, this is usually associated with a “switching” problem. Depending on your sewage ejector, the switch can either be repaired, adjusted, or replaced. You can also go for re-installation in case it has broken down completely. The sewage ejector pump experts at Griffith Plumbing in Boonsboro Maryland can evaluate the problem. And extend the required repair services, and make sure that your ejector is working properly. 

Looking to install a bathroom in your basement as part of a remodel? You’ll want to install an ejector pump or grinder pump. These are different from sump pumps, in that a sump pump is only capable of removing water.  Where an ejector pump or grinder pump job is to remove waste.  An ejector pump or grinder pump fits into a small sewage ejector pit and uses 120v power. Septic lines operate based on gravity, so when a bathroom is installed below the grade of the septic line. The ejector pump will be needed to force the sewage up to the septic line.

Why choose an ejector or grinder pump?

If you install a grinder pump in your home, paper and other objects that get flushed into the toilet are ground down to a fine pulp. This helps with the flow of the sewage system more efficiently. These pumps should be professionally installed – an improper installation would cause water and sewage damage in your home.

Griffith Plumbing Service offers services for both residential and commercial sewage ejector pumps and grinder pumps installation and repair services at the most competitive prices.

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