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Did you flush your toilet and have it overflow? Is your kitchen sink so clogged up that it is impossible to wash your dishes? As experts in drain sewer services, plumbing, and water systems. Griffith Plumbing knows that an overflowing toilet or clogged drain can be a nightmare. But don’t reach for those chemical drain cleaners, which are harmful to your system; call Griffith Plumbing, your Frederick County sewer and drain cleaning experts. With years of experience in drain sewer services, our expert plumbers are equipped to take care of your drainage problem. Whether your toilet has overflowed or your kitchen sink is clogged? Our technicians have the tools needed to clear your drain and have you freely flushing in no time. Call Griffith Plumbing for expert sewer and drain services today in Frederick, Washington, Montgomery or Loudoun Counties.


Unfortunately, clogged drains are one of the most common occurrences in households. There are many reasons why your kitchen, bathtub, or sink drain may clog.

Some of these causes include:

  • Tree roots: Your tree roots may grow into the cracks of old sewer pipes in search of the water they may carry, resulting in root damage. Often, older pipes are more susceptible to tree root damage, so it is important to upgrade your pipes to watertight, durable pipes.
  • Concrete and clay pipes: These kinds of pipes can get crushed by tree roots and the weight of the soil. Erosion then thins the inside of your pipes, leaving them weak and susceptible to damage.
  • Offset pipes: Older pipes get moved around from ground shifting and settling, resulting in a movement that may not allow for good water flow from your house to the sewer system. Because your pipes may not move with gravity, they can cause blockages and clogged drains.
  • Soap buildup: This kind of buildup is common in showers, laundries, and bathrooms. Over time, the soap accumulates on the walls of your pipe, causing water to back up and your drain to clog.
  • Grease buildup: Most common in your kitchen sink drain, similar to soap buildup, grease builds up within the walls of your pipes. When cold water flows through your drain, hot grease cools and sticks to the walls of the pipes, affecting how much water the pipe can drain.

Our Drain And Sewer Services

Griffith Plumbing knows how frustrating a clogged drain can be in your bathroom or kitchen. Trust that our experienced plumbers can fix your problem quickly with our expert drain cleaning services. Whether it is your garbage disposal clogging your kitchen sink, or your shower drain not working properly? Griffith Plumbing offers fast reliable drain cleaning service throughout Frederick, Montgomery, Washington & Loudoun Counties.

Our drain and sewer cleaning services include:

Video Camera Sewer & Drain Services

Sometimes there are stubborn blockages that aren’t what they seem or can be difficult to pinpoint. This is why we use state of the art technology to locate a sewer line blockage. Griffith Plumbing uses sewer drain line cameras to identify obstructions and their exact locations.

With our reliable and efficient drain cleaning services, you can be sure that Griffith Plumbing can solve all your drainage issues. We are experts in drain and sewer repair, as well as drain cleaning in homes and commercial spaces. Next time you have a drainage problem, make sure to call us and avail of our expert drain cleaning services in Maryland and Virginia.

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