Drain Cleaning – Repairs & Service

Did you flush your toilet or run some water just to watch it back up in fear of an overflow? Don’t reach for those chemical drain cleaners which are harmful to your system. Call Griffith Plumbing! Our technicians are experts at plumbing drain cleaning service and have the tools needed to clear your drain pipes and have you freely flushing in no time.

Among the many things that you need regularly and professionally cleaned, your commercial or residential sewer pipes are not always at the forefront of concern. In comparison to the rest of your home or business, your sewer lines may seem downright innocuous. Despite this, regularly cleaning your drains and sewers is an integral part of maintaining the functionality of your property. When it comes time for your sewers and drains to be cleaned, look no further than your local Frederick sewer & drain experts at Griffin Plumbing. We provide a plumbing drain cleaning service that encompasses both efficiency and economy.

Determine The Cause of the Clogged Drain

Griffith Plumbing will send a professional out to you your home to diagnose the plumbing drain problem. Once the problem is identified, then the right fix to your drain problem can be performed. Here are the possible reasons for your clogged drain, and the best methods to correct them:

  • Inspect drain by sending a video camera down your drain in order to see exactly what is causing your clogged drain, and determine the best method to clear it completely.
  • The clog may be small enough where a drain auger or snake will remove all of the blockages.
  • The clog may be large and involve tree roots, in which case a strong hydro jet that produces a very high powered water stream and can remove these type of clogs better than a snake.
  • It may not be your drain pipes, but your main sewer line drain has deteriorated a little due to age or been severely compromised by tree roots, in which case our pipe bursting replacement maybe your best option.
  • The last option would be your drainpipe or main sewer drain pipe is so old and compromised that your best option is a brand new drain pipe or main sewer line.
  • Finally, routine drain maintenance is the best way to avoid more costly drain and sewer repairs that can worsen over time.

Griffith Plumbing knows how frustrating a clogged drain pipe can be in your bathroom or kitchen. Our fast, reliable plumbing drain cleaning service throughout Maryland clears your drain quickly. Contact us if you are experiencing:

Drain Cleaning & Repairs in Maryland and Virginia

  • Clogged Kitchen Sinks
  • Garbage Disposal Issues
  • Slow Draining Sinks
  • Clogged Bathroom Sinks
  • Clogged Tubs