Garbage Disposals in Frederick County

Your Garbage Disposal may stop working correctly and cause water to backup into your kitchen sink. Have no fear, most garbage disposal issues are minor and can be repaired quickly. Should the problem be more severe, Griffith Plumbing’s technicians will have the problem repaired before you know it, even if it requires a new garbage disposal.

Here are a few tips to remember when troubleshooting your garbage disposal!

  1. Check the bottom of the Garbage Disposal for a reset button. Be sure the disposal switch is in the off position. Then access the reset button and press firmly to reset the unit.
  2. If the reset button fails, you should check the bottom of the disposal for a hexagon shaped hole that would fit an Allen key. If one exists, use the Allen key to turn the flywheel. If something is jammed in the disposal, this should dislodge it.
  3. If #1 or #2 does not work, you should contact Griffith Plumbing today to schedule a repair!!